05162011 - Email from Portage Police Chief Mark Becker - Unlawful police entry/deaths of Abbi and Bailey - CASE CLOSED -- Porter County Indiana -- Cause No. 64D01-0708-DR-7804

From:Mark Becker <MBecker@portage-in.com>
To:Renee' <sur5er1998@aol.com>; Olga Velazquez <OVelazquez@portage-in.com>; kenelwood <kenelwood@rhameandelwood.com>
Subject:RE: Police Complaint Form request
Date:Mon, May 16, 2011 8:36 pm

Ms. Harrington
I am sorry that you have lost your dogs, 
however based upon the information provided to Captain Vaughan 
and the ensuing investigation he conducted, I do consider  this matter closed.  
As you noted in your email, your former husband "killed" your dogs, or at least 
signed over the paperwork approving them to be put down.  
Why he would have done so is something I cannot answer.


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